Activation Marketing

We work directly with the grassroots racing community to execute a series of direct connect activation marketing programs geared around grassroots racing. By capitalizing on the rising popularity of local dirt track racing and its presence in nearly every local U.S. market, we're able to give you the ability to reach out to the millions of real grassroots race fans all across the United States.

Each program is designed to target mostly B, C & D markets where dirt racing is most prominent. The loyalty of this market is unlike any other. Our programs utilize a model that is designed to directly reach out to these fans. We provide retailers, product manufacturers, brands, and service suppliers the premier opportunity to brand, sample, and gain media exposure for products and services through events and tracks to directly connect to fans.

Our programs are affordable, recession proof models, that allow marketers to create value and ROI at a cost that is mere pennies on the dollar of other programs.

Motorsports Consulting

Our consulting services range from career planning for drivers to sponsorship and marketing planning for brands and corporations. We have the ability to research, interpret results, and recommend appropriate action. With every recommendation we make, we strive to see your organization through with high-quality processes, on-time, and within budget.

The most important aspect of our consulting services is our ability to bring depth and experience to your communication challenge.

Brand Marketing

We provide resources in the motorsports space that will assist you in building a "value" to your brand in today's competitive global marketplace. By creating effective, integrated strategies involving our 360 degree concept we're able help you build a loyal following of brand believers that will carry your message and drive your bottom line.

Corporate Sponsorships

Our insider’s presence in the grassroots motorsports space gives us a competitive edge when steering companies into grassroots motorsports by aligning them with a driver, team, and sponsorship program that best fits their brand and objectives.

Our intimate knowledge of the fan base coupled with our relationships with drivers, team owners, manufacturers, tracks, and sanctioning bodies make ECG one of the most experienced in the placement of sponsors into the sport. We know the marketplace, market values, and are the only company of its kind that operates turnkey activation and measurement solutions to insure sponsors maximize their investment allocation into this level of motorsports.

Creative Design

Great deisgn is the product of great planning...

With this in mind, the basis of our approach to creative design is derived from a four step process that empowers marketers. We eat, drink, live and breathe "the brand" to create communications strategies and creative concepts that maximize exposure while endearing every onlooker and creating brand preference.

The key to a successful design or branding program is actively investigating what is important to customers. By actively researching the emotional effect a brand can have on purchasing decisions, referrals, and retention, we're able to deliver to each and every client the distinction and differentiation they deserve.

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